Are you passionate about your job as a Pastry Chef?

Do you love rising to a challenge?

Join in the unique experience of the C3 Competition! Valrhona is proud to announce the 6th edition of the C3 Competition, open to all restaurant and catering professionals.

step 01

Recipe Submission

Each candidate must present an original creative plated dessert recipe and chocolate petits fours recipe centered around the theme: BAHIBÉ 46%" highlighting the unique milk chocolate with intense cocoa notes from Dominican Republic. This recipe must be made using standard kitchen equipment.

The chocolate must be the main featured ingredient, both visually and in taste
step 02

Regional Semi-Finals

The candidates chosen during the written selection process will participate in a Regional Qualifying Selection Semi-Final. 6 candidates per region will compete. Only 1 will be selected to compete in the Final. The Regional Qualifier Semi-Finals will take place between September 1, 2019 and December 1, 2019.

Practical and technical information will be sent to the candidates selected during the written selections in a timely manner to ensure the competition runs smoothly.
step 03

International Final

The International Final will take place in March 2020 in Singapore, during the FHA (Food & Hotel Asia) Convention.

The specific regulations and theme for the final will be sent to each of the participants in January 2020, providing more information about the organization of the competition and other practical information.